A very warm welcome to The Dunham Trust.  It is a pleasure to introduce you to a team of professionals within the Trust who love the vocation they have chosen to follow.

The child is at the centre of everything we do.  I am privileged to work with a Board of Directors who have a vast range of experience within industry and education, their intent is that The Dunham Trust will be the best it can be, for the young people within our care.  The Trust is committed to:

- High quality academy improvement activity
- Cross-trust networking opportunities
- Research and development

The promotion of sport, outdoor education and the creative arts is a significant feature of the schools within The Dunham Trust. The Trust recognises the importance of the development of pupil self-esteem and offering a broad range of out-of-classroom experiences.

“They come this way only once so we should litter their pathways with quality experiences”

Individual schools in The Trust have regular opportunities to participate in joint creative projects, led by a wide range of creative specialists. These inclusive opportunities also provide a successful platform for both staff networking and staff professional development.

Mrs Jo Appleyard, CEO & Executive Principal

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